Why do I always get sick after eating fish and chips?

People have always complained about the taste of fish and chip dishes.

People have been complaining about fish and chowder for years, and now there are signs that the food’s gone bad.

A new report suggests that there are now several different kinds of food-borne illnesses linked to the dish.

The new study, which was conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that seafood was implicated in nearly 50 percent of foodborne illnesses reported in the U., with more than 40 percent of cases linked to fish and seafood.

The most common cause of illness was food poisoning.

There are no hard numbers for how many people were sickened, but the researchers say it’s probably many millions.

The report, published in the journal Foodborne Pathogens and Associated Disease, says that more than half of the food-related illnesses that have been linked to seafood are caused by bacteria.

“Most foodborne infections that we’re seeing today are caused either by a bacteria-associated food, or a foodborne illness that was caused by a food-associated disease,” Dr. David Tovar, a senior epidemiologist at the CDC and lead author of the study, told ABC News.

“The seafood-associated illness that we’ve seen is a significant increase in the number of cases we’ve identified.”

Dr. Tovars work focuses on how bacteria in seafood can be ingested by humans, and that’s what prompted him to investigate the link between fish and food poisoning, as well as other foodborne diseases.

“We have some data that suggests that people who are eating fish may be more susceptible to some of these [foodborne] illnesses than people who eat seafood,” he said.

The findings highlight the need for better food safety measures, which have been an ongoing problem for years.

The CDC has issued guidelines on how restaurants should cook and prepare food for their customers, including how to avoid contamination by bacteria, and how to ensure that their staff is washing hands before preparing food.

Told that people have been sickened by seafood and chips in the past, Tovaris advice is simple: Eat food that you can trust, and wash your hands before and after.

“If you can’t wash your hand before eating, don’t eat seafood, or anything else,” he advised.

The U.K. government has also issued guidance on how to prepare food that people can safely eat, and it has also started issuing alerts about what to do if you or someone you know is ill.


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