Lone Star Seafoods’ Castnet Seafood sensation goes public, its owners say

NEW YORK — New York seafood sensation Castnet is raising the bar on what it means to be a real, live, live seafood sensation.

Its owner, David Hogg, told the Associated Press that it is the first restaurant in the country to have a seafood sensation that caters to a wider audience.

Castnet is located in downtown Brooklyn, just a few blocks from the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge.

For years, Castnet has served up fish and seafood inspired by the boroughs history.

But the restaurant was struggling to make a living and hire staff when it launched.

“I have been working on a business that I’ve loved for 15 years and we are finally able to bring our brand to life,” Hogg said.

Hogg said the restaurant is a place where people come and experience the taste and feel of seafood.

It is the only restaurant in New York City that serves a wide variety of seafood, from the king crab in its main dining room to the sea bass in its seafood cocktail.

It also offers a range of seafood entrees including the lobster roll with lobster and anchovies and the smoked cod in its entree.

It is one of the first restaurants to offer seafood-inspired menus, with the main dishes often featuring a variety of dishes.

In addition to the main menu, there are several seafood cocktail options, like the seafood cocktail called the Lobster Roll, that are designed to be eaten with a cocktail or a seafood salad.

The restaurant also has a small menu of desserts, such as ice cream, that people can take home and try on their own.

And it has a variety products like crab cakes, seafood puddings and fish fingers, which are designed for people who are looking for a different flavor.

Hogg told the AP that he hopes to open a second restaurant in Brooklyn.

He said that his dream is to open another restaurant in another borough in 2018, though he does not know where that is yet.


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