Korea has the best fried chicken restaurants in the world

The Korean food industry is known for its fried chicken.

The traditional dish was invented by Koreans in the 19th century and was popular throughout the country until it was banned in 2002.

The ban was lifted in 2017.

The Korean fried chicken is popular throughout Asia, especially in Southeast Asia and Japan.

A large portion of the countrys population has been eating fried chicken since at least the 1970s.

Today, there are more than 3,000 restaurants that cater to Korean diners in Korea.

Most of the restaurants are owned by family-run companies.

Here are the 10 most popular Korean fried food spots in the country:1.

The Kimchi Bakery and Grill in K-town is located in Koreatown.2.

The Korea Food Center, a Korean-owned restaurant and food market in South Korea’s capital, Seoul, is also located in K and offers fried chicken and kimchi.3.

The North American Korean Food and Beverage Co., a Korean business, also operates in Korea and offers Korean-style kimchee and fried chicken at the Kimchi Bar and the Korean Chicken House.4.

Kimchi Burger is the Korean fried meatball burger joint located in the North American city of Washington, D.C.5.

The Taeja-Soo Restaurant is located at the northern edge of Seoul in South Korean capital Seoul.6.

A Korean fried noodle restaurant, which serves a range of Korean dishes, is called Kimchi Noodle Bar in Seoul.

It has been serving Korean-inspired food since 1987.

The restaurant has been the target of criticism from the North Korean regime.7.

Kim Choo-Sung, who is also the chef of Kimchi Restaurant in Seoul, opened the restaurant in 1996.

Kimchoo is the only Korean fried restaurant to be listed on the Yelp.

It was founded by her husband, an American chef who was born in Korea, and is now serving the Korean community.8.

The Yoochun Restaurant is a Korean fried pork restaurant located in downtown Seoul.9.

The Hwanjung Korean restaurant, known for the spicy fried pork belly that it serves, has been in operation since 1999 in Seoul and is a popular Korean restaurant in the city.10.

The Nook Bar is a restaurant located at a small corner of Seoul that serves Korean food.

It opened in 2012 and is known as one of the top Korean restaurants in Seoul due to its variety of Korean food and delicious food.


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