Chefs are making it easy for customers to order crab and other seafood at a few restaurants

NEW YORK — Chef David Hyman is leading a culinary revolution.

He’s bringing a few specialty dishes to restaurants that aren’t often seen in a restaurant.

He is also creating a menu that is tailored to suit the customer.

But his biggest accomplishment may be creating a new dining experience for New Yorkers.

Hyman and his team are offering a menu of seafood gumbo, crab, shrimp, lobster, and lobster roll.

The gumbo is a popular dish that is often served with an iced tea.

In addition to gumbo and crab, the menu includes the shrimp roll, crab scallops, shrimp teriyaki, and a grilled sea bass with crab and lobster.

The menu is called a “Gumbo Roll” and it’s available at Hyman’s Crab and Lobster Roll and Crab and Squid Roll restaurants.

In his book “The Cook’s World,” Hyman wrote about his efforts to introduce the traditional gumbo roll to New York restaurants.

“I have made gumbo rolls a staple of the menu at every one of my restaurants and the roll is a great way to go for a quick meal,” he wrote.

“I don’t think you need to have a special occasion, just an ordinary meal and an appetizer to enjoy a gumbo.”

It’s easy to see why Hyman believes gumbo has a strong following among New Yorkers and tourists.

It’s a hearty, flavorful, and filling dish that’s served with ice cream and a side of rice.

The roll comes with a choice of fresh ingredients such as shrimp, crab meat, and shrimp teriyaaki sauce.

“This is a classic gumbo meal that’s simple and easy to make,” Hymen said.

“People are going to be really pleased by the quality and flavor of the ingredients.

And it’s great for those who want to have some extra calories.”

For more on Hyman, check out his book, “The Kitchen of the Future: How Food, Technology, and the Environment Can Transform the Way You Eat.”


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