Which of these restaurants is your favorite to dine at?

In a post-apocalyptic world where only the elite are left alive, you’re going to need a little help finding restaurants that cater to your tastes.

In this guide, we’re taking a look at some of the best places to eat in the Fallout: New Vegas series.

Here’s a guide to each of the locations in Fallout: The Board Game that’s best to eat out at.1.

New Vegas Strip Hotel2.

The Bar-B-Q at the Casino Hotel3.

The Diner at the Vegas Convention Center4.

The New Vegas Hotel, a strip club5.

The Strip Bar6.

The Big Boy7.

The Sands Casino8.

The Gambling Hall9.

The Casino Royale10.

The Las Vegas Hotel11.

The MGM Grand12.

The Bodega at Wynn13.

The Plaza Hotel14.

The Bellagio15.

The Paradise Pier16.

The Palazzo Hotel17.

The Palace18.

The Wynn19.

The Regency Hotel20.

The Lido21.

The Hotel Indigo22.

The Mirage23.

The Garden Inn24.

The Club242425.

The Grand Ballroom25.

New Reno Hotel26.

The Beach27.

The Sandlot28.

The Ritz29.

The Spa30.

The Sunset Bar31.

The Tropicana32.

The Steakhouse33.

The Sports Lounge34.

The Jukebox35.

The Tiki Bar36.

The Jazz Bar37.

The Sushi Bar38.

The Saloon39.

The Tavern40.

The Nightclub41.

The Pool Lounge42.

The Grill43.

The Pizza45.

The Beer Bar46.

The Lounge47.

The Cafeteria48.

The Playground49.

The Gym50.

The Outback Grill51.

The Ballroom52.

The Venue53.

The Boathouse54.

The Cafe55.

The Bowling Alley56.

The Marketplace57.

The Waterpark58.

The Pint Shop59.

The Theater60.

The Faucet61.

The Gas Station62.

The Fire Station63.

The Sewer64.

The Ice Cream Parlor65.

The Cinema66.

The Parking Garage67.

The Arcade68.

The Shops69.

The Hospital70.

The Arena71.

The Station72.

The Tower73.

The Vault74.

The Armory75.

The Museum76.

The Training Center77.

The Security Center78.

The Gun Vault79.

The Weapon Store80.

The Lockbox81.

The Bunker82.

The Garage83.

The Train Station84.

The Stash85.

The Shelter86.

The Bus86.


The Caves88.

The Mine89.

The Workshop90.

The Campfire91.

The Park92.

The Bridge93.

The Underground Tunnel94.

The Bathroom95.

The Bench96.

The Subway97.

The Lab98.

The Wrench99.

The Tent100. The Tank


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