Nintendo announces a ‘Slim’ Wii U and new 3DS software

By now, most people are familiar with Nintendo’s Wii U console.

The Wii U was announced in March of last year as a successor to the original Wii, which debuted in 2011.

It came with a range of new hardware features, such as a new touchscreen controller, a new controller that is designed to work with a 3D television, and a new TV-out capability.

The 3DS, which is available with a stylus for playing games on your TV, also got a new screen and features a larger, touch-sensitive screen.

This week, Nintendo revealed that the company’s new software for the Nintendo 3DS has been named “Slim,” which was chosen because it was “tough, sexy and easy to use.”

The new software features a new, smaller touchscreen controller with touch controls that work with games and apps from Nintendo eShop.

The “Sly” title is a nod to Slim, the mascot of the company that created the 3DS.

The company said that “Sylvester Stallone” is the “original Slim.”

Slim’s name was also chosen because “Sleazy” is a slang term for a person with a lazy disposition.

Nintendo said that the Slim touchscreen controller is designed with the touchscreen in mind, so that it can be used to interact with games without the need to press and hold the screen for long periods of time.

The new controller has a 3.5mm audio jack, allowing it to plug directly into any digital television or home theater system.

The device can also be used for the first time with the new 3D TV feature, allowing players to interact and play games from their living room or backyard without having to sit in front of a television.

Nintendo’s new Slim handheld will be available for purchase on April 14, but the new software will also be available to download and install on your Wii U for $99.99.

The system will also include a digital copy of Nintendo’s Splatoon 2, which will be released on the system on April 17, along with a Nintendo Direct on April 19, which includes an “In the Spotlight” feature that will allow you to watch Nintendo’s upcoming titles in the Wii U game library, including the Splatoon, Animal Crossing, Pokémon X/Y, Animal Stadium, Animal Style, Super Mario 3D Land, and the Nintendo Switch games.

The Nintendo Direct will also offer “in-depth information about the new Nintendo 3D and Wii U games and experiences” for a limited time.

It’s unclear whether this new software and accessories will be exclusive to the Wii United console.


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