How to get Mexico to help the Oscar campaign

The Oscar campaign has been rocked by the assassination of Mexican actor Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, which left the film industry in mourning.

The campaign was also forced to cancel a gala dinner that was to be held in Mexico City on Monday night, due to the tragedy.

But the campaign is expected to be back at it later this month with a major announcement at the Oscars ceremony on Jan. 6, 2019.

“Oscar voters should be proud of Mexico for showing the world the strength of Mexican filmmakers,” Oscar spokesperson Isabelle Castañeda said in a statement.

“Mexico is the country that has been doing the most to support Mexican filmmakers and artists, especially for those in need.”

Mexico has long been one of the most important destinations for Mexican filmmakers in Hollywood.

In 2016, the country was awarded the prestigious Mexico City Film Festival.

In the 2016 Golden Globes, Mexico’s Eloy Vargas won the award for Best Actor for his role in “A Girl and Her Lover.”

The Golden Globés are the most prestigious film awards in the world, given to the best film, short or feature-length, and are voted on by Hollywood actors, directors and producers.

It is also the first time the awards have been held in the United States since 2004.

But with the assassination, the movie industry is in mourning and will have to figure out how to best honor Lopez Otras accomplishments, such as his role as the lead in “Tierra.”

The Oscar race in Mexico is far from over.

Oscar officials are also looking to find a new home for the Mexican film festival, which is scheduled to take place in Mexico from Dec. 18-21.

“We are looking to bring a more traditional festival to Mexico,” Castaña said.

Castaño said the festival is set to open in 2018, and that the goal is to have it take place within a year. “

So we are trying to find an option that will bring back the traditional festival that we saw in Mexico in the past and make it a more welcoming and open environment.”

Castaño said the festival is set to open in 2018, and that the goal is to have it take place within a year.

The Mexican Film Festival is the world’s largest, with more than 150 festivals that take place across the country.

The festival is a joint venture between Mexico’s Ministry of Culture and the United Nations World Film Congress.

The event takes place every four years, but the last one was held in 2016.

Castaizaga said the ministry has not received any formal offers to sponsor the event.

“It’s been one year, but we are in talks with the Mexican Film Congress about hosting it again, if they will give us an invitation,” Castáñeda told CNN.

Mexico is expected host the festival in 2019, but it’s not known if that will happen yet.

“The Golden Globess are not the only Oscars that Mexico has hosted.

The Golden Globe Awards are a great honor for Mexicans.

The Oscars is a very special event,” said Miguel Cotto, president of the National Film Council of Mexico.

“But it’s also a big celebration of Mexican films and a symbol of Mexico and a place where people are united.”


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