How to catch a lobster in the New York City fishery

New York’s lobster fishery is one of the most lucrative in the country, with hundreds of thousands of lobsters collected annually.

But many people aren’t aware that they can help the lobster industry when they catch the seafood, which is often sold in China.

I just went on the hunt and caught the last one and I was surprised to see that I was a celebrity.

It’s not easy to catch lobsters, says Jennifer Kavanagh, a local restaurant owner and member of the New Yorkers Lobster Hunters Association.

“It’s so easy to get caught in the traps, and you can catch all the way up to 40 kilograms,” Kavanag says.

“If you’re lucky, you’ll get one or two lobsters in your hands, but it’s hard to find a good deal.”

She’s also glad that she was able to catch the last lobster she was allowed to.

“I’m really glad that I caught it, because I’m sure it will be eaten soon,” she says.

Kavanagh has been working in the fishery for about 15 years.

She said that most of her customers are tourists, who usually bring food and drink to her restaurant.

Lobsters are one of New York State’s largest food crops, and can sell for hundreds of dollars per kilogram.

But, for many, the market is a little hard to come by.

The seafood is harvested by the thousands in the city’s waters every year.

It’s the first time in the history of New Yorkers that they’ve all had the opportunity to catch their catch.

But some are concerned about the health of the lobsters.

Kavanag believes that it’s better to wait for the next harvest.

“There are people that want to go out and catch it and it’s very important that we don’t go to this kind of situation and we have to be cautious about that,” she said.

But, she says she hopes that the next year’s harvest is even bigger.

“We’re going to be lucky if it’s bigger than last year,” she told CBC News.


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