How to buy a mambo seafood market

The world’s first mambo-themed seafood market is set to open in Chicago this week, and it promises to be the biggest seafood market in the world.

The $3.9 million market, called Mambo Seafood Market, is located in the heart of Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood, just north of the city’s Near West Side.

There are already three restaurants in the area.

It has a sign on its door that reads, “Downtown Chicago has always been a seafood destination, and Mambo is a celebration of the seafood tradition.”

The restaurant’s menu includes sushi, lobster, and fish tacos.

The location is a huge draw for the Chicago seafood community, which is expected to increase by more than 30% over the next few years, according to a survey by the Association of American Fisheries Traders.

The market, which was built with a $5 million investment, will be open from May 6-8.

The market, originally set to be a fish taco restaurant, will soon be able to serve up traditional seafood dishes like mussels, lobster and salmon.

The new Mambo Market will offer a full menu of seafood, including a sushi restaurant and a seafood bar, as well as specialty fish like mussel, shrimp and lobster.

It will also feature live music.

Chicago’s Chinatown is home to a large population of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino immigrants.

Many of them are immigrants who are coming to the city to work in restaurants, and their children are moving into the area to attend college, according a survey of the community by the Chicago-based Institute of Contemporary Art and Design.

In a statement, the Chinatown Chinatown Development Corporation (CCDC) said the Chinatown market will be the largest in Chicago and the largest seafood market ever.

The CCDC said it expects the market to attract between 400 and 500 people a day, with a projected daily attendance of 10,000 to 15,000.

The Chinatown Chinatown Market has already gained national attention, with the release of a documentary, The Chinese Restaurant, which features interviews with Chinese immigrants, foodies and chefs.

The documentary, which premiered on PBS in December, was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Documentary Feature.

The documentary is part of a series of films being produced by the CCDC that will focus on Chinese culture and cuisine.


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