How to avoid the ‘seamstress’ syndrome

A couple of weeks ago, a reader sent me a photo of her husband sitting in a chair at a restaurant with a towel over his face.

“It was a perfect moment for me to look for a way to hide my stress and make him feel better,” she wrote.

When she was pregnant with her third child, she was struggling to cope with the stress of caring for her baby, her husband and two small children.

I have to do my best to find the balance between what I want to do and how my body is responding, she wrote, and she had a hard time staying focused on her work.

“I tried to go on a vacation to Japan but I wasn’t happy with my life and I couldn’t find anything that could relax me,” she said.

It took about a month before she finally realised that she had been feeling too much stress during pregnancy.

She said she was worried she was going to be too stressed in the future.

Now, she’s a single mom who makes $1,200 a month and works as a waitress.

After she started going to restaurants more often, she started to see her stress levels drop.

This was also when she started taking a break from her cooking.

While she loves the work, she is also having a harder time enjoying herself and wants to try new things.

Instead of making the same dishes, she says she’s been trying new recipes.

A couple of years ago, I tried to make a salad for my kids and they loved it but it took me a while because I had to make it in the microwave.

Now I just use my phone and use it as a controller and they just sit there and go, ‘Oh, wow, I can’t believe what I just ate’,” she said of her experience at restaurants.

My husband and I have gone through a lot together and I think the stress has been building up for a long time, she added.

Even though she is working as a server, she still finds it difficult to find time to relax.

We do yoga and meditation every day and it helps us relax but I think we have to take our time to enjoy ourselves,” she explained.

In addition to her two children, the woman works part-time as a maid and a waitress, and her husband works as an IT specialist.

However, she has noticed a gradual improvement in her stress.

“My husband has gone from being worried about his own health and my health to being happy with the quality of my life,” she told me.

And she said she doesn’t think her stress level will change as she gets older.

Since I stopped cooking, I feel happier, she said, but I can see how I would like to cook more.

As the years pass, she hopes to find a balance between her work and life, and eventually she is planning to take a break.

“As a single parent, I just want to be a good mother and a good wife and be able to relax and enjoy my life.

Then, as I get older, I will just do things differently,” she added, laughing.

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