Why you shouldn’t eat fish from India

The fish you eat in India is sourced from foreign waters, with fish from countries such as China, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore and Myanmar being one of the main sources of the country’s seafood.

These are the countries that supply most of India’s seafood and, like China, are the main suppliers to the world market.

However, the Indian government is actively lobbying against the importation of these fish to the country, with some arguing that this has detrimental effects on the environment.

Here are five reasons why.


The quality of the fish used for the fish dishes.

While the quality of fish sourced from India is very high, the quality has become a controversial issue for the country.

Many countries like China and Japan are known for producing high quality fish in their own waters, but the quality in India’s waters has been criticised as poor.

According to a 2015 report by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), India’s imports of fish from overseas are higher than that of China, Japan and Singapore combined.


The high costs involved in importing fish.

Although India has made a huge effort to bring in the best fish possible to feed its people, some countries have decided to use fish sourced in other countries as the basis for their dishes.

In the past, Indian fishermen have taken a very big risk and have killed hundreds of fish to make a meal for their families.

This practice is not only illegal but it also puts a significant amount of stress on the fishing industry.

In 2017, the India Fisheries Service (IFS) estimated that about 90 per cent of India is facing financial problems as a result of this practice.

The government is also planning to regulate the practice further.


The poor quality of local fish.

A growing number of countries are also considering banning the import of fish species that are more expensive in the local market, or are deemed to have a poor quality.

In 2016, a report by The New York Times found that, in addition to the price, the fish being caught in India was far less nutritious than fish imported from Japan and other Asian countries.

This has led to concerns over the health of the local fish, and the quality.


The use of genetically modified fish.

This controversial practice has also been widely criticised, with experts claiming that the fish in India could be a source of disease.

The Government of India has said that it will review its guidelines for the import and export of genetically engineered fish, but there are no plans to introduce it into the country at this stage.


The lack of regulatory oversight.

Despite the government’s efforts to ensure that fish from Indian waters is treated properly, there is a lack of proper oversight.

For example, the government has no oversight on the import, transport, and use of fish products from overseas.

For instance, in 2017, it was reported that only two Indian states have a complete system of monitoring the quality and safety of fish imports and exports.

In addition, India has no national fish inspection regime, and only a handful of states have any formal system of regulating the import/export of fish.

In order to tackle these issues, India is also considering a number of measures, including a bill to establish a national fish industry and a fish-friendly policy.

This could be seen as a step towards addressing the concerns of the Indian people.


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