Why California is making it hard to order sushi

The U.S. is making a bigger dent in its seafood consumption than ever before, with Californians eating about 14 percent more seafood per capita as of 2016 than a decade ago, according to the latest numbers from the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

The number of people who reported eating fish or seafood in 2016 was 6.4 million, compared with 6.6 million in 2014.

That’s a rise of about 7 percent from 2010.

But many consumers aren’t taking the latest data seriously, as they are too busy shopping and eating at restaurants.

Many are choosing not to report fish consumption to the government, saying that it’s too confusing and burdensome to report if they can’t afford to buy fish.

The numbers also are raising questions about the U and China’s efforts to promote seafood exports, which are being challenged in the U by new regulations from Washington.

California’s seafood consumption is up almost 13 percent since 2014, the highest rate of growth in the country.

But the U’s trend has been fueled in large part by Chinese imports, which have been booming in recent years, especially of frozen seafood products such as tuna, salmon and swordfish.

A growing number of Chinese consumers are eating less seafood, and the Chinese government has stepped up efforts to control food prices.

Some are even asking how to find affordable seafood products in China.

Some seafood brands and restaurants are turning to local producers to fill a need that is growing more scarce in California.

Some chefs are trying to incorporate local ingredients in their dishes, which has raised concerns among some Chinese consumers.

The U.K. is leading the nation in seafood consumption, accounting for about 19 percent of all seafood eaten in the state.

The U is the largest seafood exporter to China, with more than 1.3 million tonnes of seafood imported in 2016.

China has about 1.6 billion people and consumes about 17 percent of the world’s seafood.

Meanwhile, New Zealand is second in seafood, with about 690,000 tonnes of fish consumed in the New Zealand diet, according the latest figures from the Ministry of Primary Industries.

That includes 1,715 tonnes of salmon and mackerel, or more than 20 percent of its total consumption in the year, according a government report.

Australia is second, with 2.4 percent of Australian fish consumed, with a smaller amount of fish than in other countries.

But that’s largely due to an increase in consumption of other fish, such as shark, sardine and shellfish, that are consumed in Asia.

Canada has the third-largest fish consumption in Australia, with 775,000 tons consumed.

About 12 percent of Canadian fish is imported.

India has the fifth-largest amount of seafood consumption in Canada, with 823,000 metric tons consumed in 2016, more than in any other country.


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