Which seafood restaurants are the best?

The answer, as ever, is seafood.

We’re going to be using our own personal ranking to tell you which restaurants are on our top 10 best seafood restaurants in the UK.

We’ve also broken down the restaurants by how often they serve seafood, so if you’re a seafood fan who enjoys watching your favourite chefs work, then you’ll enjoy our guide to seafood restaurants.

You’ll also find out which of our 10 best restaurants are popular with tourists, who are keen to try seafood.

If you’re not into seafood, then perhaps we can help you out by highlighting some of the restaurants that have a really strong reputation for seafood, and which are the most popular seafood dishes.

The list is as follows: 10.

Pappadeaus Seafood Kitchen: The fish and chips menu is full of tasty fish, so it’s easy to overlook this little fishmonger’s selection of oysters and prawns.

If that isn’t your thing, then Pappades seafood is a great option, and the prices are really reasonable.


Rochdale Seafood: Rochdales seafood is made with fresh fish sourced from the South of France, so the price tag is pretty high, but the menu is really worth it.

The fish is cooked in a traditional French style, which is a refreshing touch.


Fish & Chips: There are a lot of fish-themed seafood restaurants, but if you love fish and chip, then Fish & Chip Seafood has to be on your list.

The menu has a few things going for it, with fish that is fresher than fish chips, and a few dishes that will make you want to eat fish again.


Rachael’s Seafood and Sushi: With a restaurant style menu, you’re likely to find dishes that are prepared on a very limited budget, but it is really good food.

The sushi is a good choice for those who prefer a little bit more comfort food than a fish and shell.


Rangoon Seafood Restaurant: This restaurant is well known for its seafood, with an excellent quality seafood menu.

The quality of the seafood is not just a matter of how good the fish is, but also how well it is prepared.

It’s really worth visiting if you are in Rangoons seaside area.


The Black Spot Seafood & Chips House: This is another place that’s got a really good reputation for quality seafood, especially in terms of the freshness of the fish.

The prices are reasonable, which you will find a lot more on the menu than you will at the typical seafood restaurant.


Risque, Rochdam and The Sea: Risques seafood is the type that is often described as a little on the pricey side, but this isn’t necessarily the case.

The seafood in this restaurant is very good, and you can enjoy the fish in many ways.


The Beach: This seafood restaurant is usually quite popular with the locals, and has a decent seafood menu, but don’t expect a big selection of seafood here.

If seafood is your thing though, then The Beach Seafood is a seafood paradise.


Ritz Seafood Club: This has a good seafood menu that is quite affordable, and with a decent quality seafood selection.

There’s also a variety of wines and spirits on offer, and it has a very good atmosphere.


The Seafood Market: This isn’t as popular as Risqes, but has a pretty good seafood list, and also has a variety, so is definitely worth a visit.


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