The Biggest Catch: The Bigger Fish of Seafood House

Seafood house owner Bob Jones, who grew up in a farming family, had his first taste of fish in 1955 when his mother took him to a local fish store and bought him a pound of trout.

When he was 12, Jones moved to Hawaii to work as a fisherman and soon began working with the state’s first commercial fishery.

Jones’s first fish came in 1972, when he caught an albacore tuna in the Big Island.

It was a big fish and he caught it for free in a few years.

Jones began importing tuna from Japan, where he caught them for a couple of years, and by 1977 he had about 50 pounds of tuna, all of which he sold to wholesalers.

In 1988, Jones opened his first fish shop in Honolulu.

He was one of the first to introduce canned tuna into Hawaii, and the restaurant, which became known as “The Fish Shop,” sold a ton of fish per week, including his favorite, the tuna that came in a bucket with a lid on top.

After Jones bought out his lease on the store and sold the fish shop, he went on to establish a restaurant chain known as The Fish Market, which sold fish in a line-up.

Today, he’s the largest commercial fish supplier in Hawaii.

A few years ago, Jones sold his fish market business to the Aloha Fishery Center for Sustainable Seafoods, a nonprofit group that works to protect the health and health of the environment, including the Big Islands, in the form of the state-owned Hawaii Ocean Health Authority.

In 2017, the group announced a partnership with Jones’s own fish farm, the Big Blue Fish Farm, in hopes of becoming a partner in the state of Hawaii’s efforts to reduce the amount of mercury released into the ocean.

For years, Jones said he would have loved to be able to take advantage of the abundant tuna stocks in Hawaii and sell them to restaurants, but he was frustrated by the lack of access to the fish he needed to do so.

“I didn’t have the knowledge to go out and go out to the market, because it was all in the paper,” Jones said.

“I couldn’t get the fish.

They couldn’t ship it in because it wasn’t in the list of the species they wanted.”

After he bought out the lease and sold his seafood shop, Jones began opening a second fish store in Hawaii, which he named The Fish Store.

In 2018, the Fish Store relocated to Honolulu’s South Shore, which is a popular fishing destination.

Jones said that while he had a great store in South Shore that sold a lot of fish, he had little control over the fish market there because the fish was imported from Japan and he couldn’t control how much fish he sold there.

Jones said that when he opened The Fish Shop, the fish were already plentiful and he was not worried about whether the fish would be a good buy for consumers.

The only thing he cared about was that his customers would buy from him, he said.

The Fish Store was successful.

In 2019, the company opened The Big Blue Fishery Market, in which he sells tuna and other fish to the public.

It has about 10,000 fish on the market and has expanded to include other species.

Jones has made the fish that he sells in the store, like his best-selling tuna, the same species that he bought for free from Japan.

The store also sells fish that have been imported from Asia.

In 2018, Jones told Hawaii News Now that he wanted to create a community of people who care about fish, that he didn’t want to sell any products that could be harmful to the ocean, and that he was willing to go to jail if needed to help protect the environment.

Hawaii News Now contacted Jones and his family, but no one responded to the show’s request for comment.


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