‘The best and worst’ for the seafood industry

NEW YORK — — The best and worse, according to the seafood trade group Seafood For All.

It’s time to call for a ban on the importation of the shrimp from China and other Asian countries that the industry says have devastated its business.

That includes the world’s biggest shrimp producer, the Chinese state-owned Sichuan Fresh Seafood.

It also includes the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia, all of which are among the world leaders in shrimp production.

The seafood trade’s biggest trade group, the International Union of Food Processors, issued a statement Wednesday calling for the ban of shrimp imported into the U.S. and the rest of the world.

It calls the imports “unconscionable” because shrimp from these countries are often caught and sold as fresh in the U and Europe.

It notes that some of the imports are caught in far-flung areas and are processed by foreign processors that are often not inspected.

The seafood industry’s position is echoed by a growing chorus of environmental groups.

A recent poll by The Pew Charitable Trusts found that most Americans oppose the importations.

The group’s survey found that 61% of Americans support a ban, while 36% oppose.

The other 18% said they didn’t know or didn’t respond.

Some seafood companies have responded to the industry’s concerns.

New York-based Aquafina Inc. has introduced a new product, which uses a special shell to capture shrimp and has been approved for sale in California.

It said it’s “very concerned” about the seafood imported into America.

“This is a highly regulated industry, and seafood suppliers have a duty to comply with the law,” said company spokeswoman Mary Ritchie.

“The Aquafini product is a safe and effective way to capture and process the shrimp, but it is a risk.

Aquafinins shell is an integral part of the process.

We are working to ensure Aquafinas product is compliant with U.N. and other international safety standards.”

The Aquafins shell contains an engineered, highly porous, polyester polyester mesh that makes it harder for shrimp to escape and escape the shell.

It is made in China.

Aquas products are also being tested in Japan and Europe, where they are also sold under a different name.

In response to the growing concerns about seafood imports, U.K.-based seafood company Aquafinet said it will introduce new products in 2018 that will capture and separate the shrimp before it is processed into fishmeal.

The American Food Safety and Standards Administration has also expressed concerns about the imported shrimp.

In a statement, it said it has not seen evidence of any health problems related to the imported products.

The U.P.C. has also launched a campaign to educate the public about the threat seafood imports pose to the environment and the health of Americans.

It has launched a website, The Food Chain: Shells, Seafood, and the Future, which aims to inform consumers about the impact imported shrimp has on the ocean and on Americans.

And the industry is trying to make itself heard in Congress.

U.C.-San Diego and other environmental groups are urging lawmakers to pass legislation that would require the U.”s seafood industry to have a permit from the U .


Department of Agriculture to ship and import seafood from Asian countries, which is currently in dispute with China.

Congressional Democrats, in particular, are pushing for a prohibition of imports of shrimp from countries like China.

The U. S. has imposed a temporary ban on imports of seafood from China, but the WTO has ruled that those imports are still legal.

The White House has said that a ban is needed to prevent the spread of disease from imported seafood.

In February, President Donald Trump said that the U has to do more to protect the environment, because it is being taken advantage of by foreign countries.


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