Japanese chef unveils her ‘fishy’ recipes for Japanese sushi

This is one of the new fishy recipes that Japanese chef Kajun Fish created to share with us.

Kajun, who lives in Kyoto, Japan, opened her restaurant, Real Seafood Bar, in late 2016 in collaboration with her father, who also serves as chef.

She is an avid sushi aficionado and has been working on her signature fish dishes since she was a child.

The recipes are all inspired by the different sushi styles and the way the fish is cooked.

Here, you’ll find a mix of traditional sushi and modern, more modern fish.

The ingredients that make up Kajuns seafood bar are the same ingredients that her father uses to make her signature recipes.

They include squid ink (sushi ink) and fresh fish fillets, while also adding in other ingredients such as lemon and black vinegar.

Kajus seafood bar is a unique Japanese style of sushi that combines traditional Japanese fish and traditional Japanese cooking techniques, but with a modern twist.

It’s a style that’s been gaining popularity across Japan and has become a mainstay of restaurants in the country.

The dishes at Kajunki Seafood bar are inspired by traditional sushi styles.

The ingredients that she uses to prepare her signature sushi are the ingredients that his father uses in her signature dishes.

The Japanese cuisine she’s making her signature dish is all natural and naturalistic.

The traditional Japanese style is about the fish.

I want to bring this to life.

It has to be a little bit like the traditional Japanese way.

I think there’s no way you could do anything like this without having your fish and then you can’t do it with fish that you don’t have.

Kaja is known for her unique approach to cooking and she’s open to experimenting with new things in her restaurant.

We’re trying new things, so I want the public to be inspired by what I’m doing.

You can have a fish like a tuna that’s fresh and you can have the best of both worlds.

She’s using a combination of traditional and modern Japanese techniques to create her seafood dishes, but there are also some unique ingredients.

In this case, she uses lemon and some black vinegar to make up the sweet and tangy sauce.

She also uses fresh fish, such as squid ink, for the flavor.


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