How to eat more island seafood

By Andrew Marr, CNN contributorThe island seafood industry has seen a huge spike in the past decade, with seafood stocks reaching record levels for the first time in nearly a century.

The surge in demand for island seafood is due to the region’s proximity to China and the rise of the global “eat local” movement.

In the last decade, China’s demand for seafood has risen by nearly 50%, according to the Global Times, which reported on the findings.

China is one of the largest seafood markets in the world, accounting for a whopping 60% of the world’s seafood exports.

But demand for local seafood in the region is growing at a faster rate, according to a report by the International Institute for Sustainable Development.

For example, China is currently consuming nearly 60% more seafood from the island of Guiyu, a Chinese island that sits just outside the Philippines, than from the mainland, according the report.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for us to grow,” said Nick Trewin, the president of the island’s seafood industry association.

The rising demand for food in the Philippines has caused an unprecedented surge in seafood exports, according Trewen.

In 2012, the island nation of Mindanao became the second-largest seafood exporter in the United States, according To Catch A Predator, a website that tracks seafood exports from the Philippines.

Since the economic downturn of 2008, demand for the region has dropped off considerably, Trewein said.

The number of fishermen who now fish for the industry has also dropped significantly, but the demand remains strong.

For now, though, Tresko says that demand is a lot more concentrated than it was in years past.

“The demand is still strong and rising,” he said.

“It’s still growing and it’s still the fastest growing region in the Americas.

There’s a lot of growth, a lot.”

There are still plenty of local restaurants in the Southeast, and the region will continue to see a boom in seafood consumption going forward.

But, the biggest challenges will be growing the demand for fresh seafood, which Treskovs seafood industry does not have a monopoly on.

In fact, many of the Southeast’s most famous restaurants, like The Pesto Palace, are also owned by small-time fishermen.

That means the demand from local fishermen will be more difficult to match, said Treskos family business partner, Daniel Peculiar.

The main issue for the local seafood industry is keeping up with the global demand for new seafood products.

Pecoliar said he doesn’t expect the region to ever be able to match the demand of China, which is expected to become the world leader in seafood production by 2035.

“We’ll have to be very careful about that, because we don’t have a lot to lose,” he added.

“There’s a whole bunch of new fish that are coming into the market that haven’t been available in the market for years.

So it’s going to be a tough battle to keep up with that.”

But there is good news for those who are worried about a lack of seafood, according Peculaire.

“We are not facing a crisis.

We have some very good, very skilled people in the industry and they are producing very good seafood,” he explained.

Pecular also said that there is some hope for local fishermen, as they have seen a surge in new seafood imports in recent years.

“The fish is really coming out.

We’re seeing a lot better demand, and that is encouraging for us,” he continued.”

People are getting more confident in our seafood and they’re buying it at lower prices.”

And, as for the demand in the U.S., there is still plenty to eat in the area.

“I can’t think of a better place to spend your holiday than the States,” Pecule said.


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